Font Choices?

How does font choice influence my audience?

The use of font is so important in conveying the right message to your consumer – be that a person reading a menu, to an advertisement, to a party invitation.  What you say is important, but how it’s presented works to reinforce the story.

Today we will talk about the differences in font style, and the kind of messages that they portray with the same text.  In this example, we will take a legal firm, called Legal Firm LLP, and show how different fonts can evoke different reactions in the reader.

Serif or Sans Serif?

Serifed fonts evoke feelings of ‘oldness’ – this could be professionalism, experience, and a feeling that the firm knows what they are doing.  Take a look at the below example:

The use of a simple double line above and below the font emphasises the text, but a simple change to the font to a sans serif font conveys a completely different message.  Look at the below:

This now emphasises modernity, it shows strength and knowledge all the same, but the lack of serif implies youth and new ideas.  In summary, it really does matter what font you use, because the message that you convey needs to be driven by who you want to read the text.  Match the font you use to the target audience to guarantee success!

We hope you enjoyed reading, we’ll be back soon

The Express Print Solutions Team